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We are a cultural, non-profit, apolitical team focused on the subject of ancient Persia. The idea of Persian Wonders was founded in 2006 by Sam Jelveh to help learn more about ancient Persia interestingly and effectively.

The history of ancient Iran is changing and updating, and there is much valid and fascinating information coming from archaeology news. Our main activities are introducing ancient Persia via our high-quality reproductions of antiquities (from our collection) along with events about ancient Persia. All our activities are unique to this organization.

Persian Wonders will provide comprehensive and compact information about ancient civilizations on the Iranian plateau. We understand that you never get your answer by going through lots of papers with different opinions. We go through the latest archaeology news and papers and speak to well-known archaeologists to introduce the history correctly. You can feel and interact with ancient history by attending our unique events.

Invited Guest Speakers

Dr François Desset | Richard Dumbrill | Dr Irving Finkel

The Team

We are a non-bias and independent team of academics and professionals in Cambridge to help learn more about ancient Persia. Our organisation is updated with the latest archaeology information, and we are going through the latest research to share the correct and latest archaeology news in the history of ancient Persia. Our Events, research and studies follow the same rule to educate.

Sam studied a master's degree in web engineering at the University of Essex. He is passionate about accurately and engagingly introducing ancient Iran. Currently, he is studying the game of 20 and has successfully reconstructed the Shahr-i Sokhta board game for the first time, which is the oldest complete board game in the world.
Sepi is a qualified accountant with a passion for ancient history. With her skill set and her interest in history, she plays a vital role in our mission. Sepi's financial acumen ensure efficient fund management as a treasurer. Sepi's dedication and enthusiasm make her an invaluable member, inspiring others to appreciate the wonders of ancient history.
Darya is a Classical Art & Archaeology MA graduate from King’s College London. She has always been interested in the ancient world but Iran is particularly intriguing for her both due to her Iranian heritage & its rich history of one of the oldest civilisations in the world. Darya hopes to make the fascinating history of Iran more accessible & well known by organising events with Persian Wonders.


We are closely working with Persian/Iranian societies to deliver educational and professional services.

Cambridge University Persian Society
Oxford University Persian Society


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