About Persian Wonders

The idea of Persian Wonders started 2006 to help learn more about ancient Persia in interesting and effecting way.
Unlike other website this website is more like web interactive website, make sure to discover the whole site to unlock the keys in Treasures Of Persia. This web application will mature over the time. Please check Persian Wonders frequently. Persian Wonders will provide very comprehensive and compact information about ancient civilizations in Iranian plateau.
We understand going through lots of papers with different opinion you never get your answer.
We are going through the latest archaeology news and different papers also speak to well know archaeologists and display once approved in our website.

What We Have Done So Far

The Day Of Cyrus The Great celebrated for the first time in Cambridge UK both in 2009 and 2010. For the first time we have devloped a Jiroft Game (ancinet backgammon), a tool to Write In Cuneiform and Write In Linear Elamite which devloped back in ©2008. Also our research is about the Jiroft style objects | Access via Academia , Treasures Of Persia and our attention to detail product of The Cyrus Cylinder Replica . After years of absent, now we have lots of surprises for you in near future to discover ancient civilizations in ancinet Persia.



Our very first website launched 2006