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Archaeology Box - Cyrus Cylinder Replica

In Extremely Limited Edition

Moulded from original and hand painted by us, we have three stages of production.
1.Moulding 2. Painting 3. Quality check


NOTE: This package is only limited to 50 production it’s Uniquely and carefully designed by Persian Wonders.
You have 14 days money back gurantee, but we are not covering the cost of the postage.

You don’t need to have a PayPal account, PayPal will take care of it as a quest member.

Price: £232.00 GBP Including Postage

The Cyrus Cylinder Box Top The Cyrus Cylinder Box The Cyrus Cylinder Book The Cyrus Cylinder Certificate The Cyrus Cylinder Book and Certificate The Cyrus Cylinder Bag Cyrus Cylinder Replica Top-The Replica Of The Cyrus Cylinder Front The Replica Of The Cyrus Cylinder Side-The Replica Of The Cyrus Cylinder The Replica Of The Cyrus Cylinder Unboxing