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History of Ancient Persia In Three Objects | Collections

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Treasure Collection

The Cyrus Cylinder | The Jiroft Style | The Proto Elamite

Premium Quality
This product is Persian Wonders signature and each object represents a symbol for each civilization that has affected our history. The quality of individual objects is the best in the market and has very high attention to details made by individual respected artists exclusively for Persian Wonders.

The Cyrus Cylinder Replica

  • Life size of Cyrus Cylinder Replica
    (size: 21.9 cm x 10 cm | weight: over a kilo | Material: resin)
  • The Jiroft Style Hand Bag/Weight Replica
    This Replica is almost identical to the original artefact and even the look, feel and the colour is almost the same as the original object.
    Weight: about 3 kilos Height including handle: 20.3cm
    Width: 24cm
    Thickness of the handle: 3.6 cm
    Thickness at the base: 4.8 cm
    Material: gypsum stone sculpting | original (maybe chlorite/soft stone)
  • The Proto Elamite Accounting tablet replica
    Date of original creation / manufacture: Susa III = Proto-Elamite (-3100 - -2600) Dimensions Height: 11.1 cm; Length: 16.2 cm Materials and techniques Material: clay | Original (clay) Technique: incised Weight: about a kilo Writing: Proto-Elamite writing Inscription: Tablet bearing numeral signs borrowing from a sexagesimal system and a decimal system as well as proto-Elamite writing signs probably designating goats, dairy products, and grain Nature of the text: accounting
  • The Treasue Collection book by Sam Jelveh | History of Ancinet Persia in three objects
  • It comes with Extremely high quality timber box exclusively design for treasure collection

The Proto Elamite Replica Back The Proto Elamote Replica Front The Cyrus Cylinder Replica Back The Cyrus Cylinder Replica Front The Cyrus Cylinder Replica Top The Jiroft Style Replica Back The Jiroft Style Replica Front The Treasure Book Sam Jelveh The Cyrus Cylinder Top Front The Cyrus Cylinder Replica Front The Cyrus Cylinder Side

How premium is it?
All the replicas has high attention to details in terms of look, feel, size and colour. We believe quality first in our all products.
What is different with other Cyrus Cylinder replica in market?
The quality, the extra care and the price is very reasonable.

For more information about our products please email us to info@persianwonders.com

Please email your interest to info@persianwonders.com