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Ancient Persia Events

In collaboration with Cambridge University Persian Society
And Oxford University Persian Society

Why Ancient Persia?

Persia was historically the common name used for Iran in the Western world. "Persia" was the official name of Iran in the Western world before 1935, when the country and vast surrounding lands were known as Persia (derived from the ancient kingdom of Parsa and the Persian empire). However, Persian people within their nation have long called it Iran. Generally, "Persia" today refers to Iran because the country formed over the centre of the ancient Persian empire and most of its original citizens inhabited that land. Currently, we are using Ancient Persia as an umbrella for our events.

Past Event

The Decipherment of Linear Elamite Writing | 2022

In collaboration with Cambridge University Persian Society

Uncovering secrets of the past by breaking the code of an ancient writing system. In Cambridge we were honoured to host Dr Francois Desset, who has deciphered Linear Elamite, the world’s oldest “pure” phonetic writing system.

Location: St John's College, University of Cambridge Date: 29/10/2022

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Future Event

History of Music | 2023

In collaboration with Cambridge University Persian Society And Oxford University Persian Society

We are honoured to host Prof. Richard Dumbrill to have a unique experience understanding music history in the Near East, particularly in Iran. It is a highly educational event, including live music, and also, for the first time, we will unveil a harp which is inspired by the oldest harp in the world, exclusively reproduced for Persian Wonders. We are also honoured to display a reproduction of the Elamite harp of the battle of Ulai by Richard Dumbrill.

Locations: Cambridge and Oxford Cambridge Date: 14/10/2023 Oxford Date: 28/10/2023

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The Oldest Board Game | 2023

Interesting and important research to unveil the oldest board game discovered in Iran and introduce it. The event is about the history of the board game in general and talks about the game found in southeastern Iran. The oldest board game is also on display, along with a limited exclusive catalogue for this research. More information will be available soon.

Location: Oxford Date: 27/05/2023

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