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Ancient Backgammon Set | Shop

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Board Game: Ancient Backgammon

Limited Edition | Premium Quality

Designed by Eva exclusively for Persian Wonders.
This is very unique set which include the oldest dice from Shahr-e Sukhteh(The Burnt City), the board and the snake pot(to place your pawns) are both from Jiroft. This set ideal for playing game or simply have it in your collection for private collectors or museums.

Jiroft Board Game Set

NOTE: This package is very limited and is made to order please allow 2-4 weeks.
You have 14 days money back gurantee, but we are not covering the cost of the postage.

  • Jiroft Eagle Board Game Replica
    (size: 27 cm | Material: Faience)
  • Jiroft Snake Pot Replica (size: 6.5 cm | Material: Faience)
  • Oldest Dice Replica from Burnt City (size: 5 cm | Material: Faience)
  • 14x Black and White Pawns (Material: Faience)
  • Engraved Wooden Box With Lock
  • A Game Instruction in natural Luxury Linen

Jiroft Game TopView Jiroft Game TopView Jiroft Game TopView Jiroft Game TopView Jiroft Game Set TopView Set Jiroft Game Snake Burnt City Oldest Dice

How premium is it?
It has high attention to details in terms of look and feel the eagle board game, snake pot and the dice are almost identical to the original but with few artistic touch to make it a bit modern and ancient.
Is this set really played during Ancient time?
Yes, the oldest one dates back to 3000BC discovered in Burnt City
How do you know this is the game board?
It can’t be anything else as there are numbers of the board game discovered in Jiroft and the one discovered in the Burnt city, the style is very similar to those are in Jiroft. Archaeologist Jean Perrot noted in the Persian Journal article, the lay-out of the "holes" on the “eagle" game boards is highly suggestive of the twenty squares game boards excavated by Woolley in Sumer, the so-called "Royal Game of Ur."
Is it really money back guarantee?
Of course, we want you to be 100% be happy with our very limited products therefore we have added 14 days refund guarantee in subject of no damage in original packaging. However we are not covering the cost of return postage. Is what you see what you get!
Do you sell your products elsewhere?
Not at all, we only sell our products in our website. We are small team and our products only designed to share our joys with you and also you have a chance to own them that’s why our products are very limited.
How long take to get my item?
It depends, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to make the item for you then after it will take 3-7 days postage. We do all necessary communication with you and update you once it’s ready and what you would expect.

For more information about our products please email us to shop@persianwonders.com

Price: £250 (free worldwide postage)