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Late Proto-Iranian Writing (Write In Linear Elamite)

The world’s oldest phonetic writing system

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The letters on Orange are assumed sound values, the letters on Green are correct sound values. The Linear Elamite was written in vertical columns running from top to bottom and right to left (originally)

Max letter can type (11)


A bit of History

The Linear Elamite writing is completely independent from the cuneiform writing system Created after the vanishing of the Proto-Elamite tablets, Thought to be the Linear Elamite writing was mainly limited to Susa and Puzur-Inšušinak’s era(2100 BC). The findings, mainly in the Konar Sandal (Jiroft) and Shahdad, show that this writing system was probably created in the second half of the 3rd millennium BC in southern Iran. The beginning of the 2nd millennium BC, the cuneiform writing system probably played an important role at that time in the rejection of the Linear Elamite writing system in south-western Iran. Also this writing system was probably limited to a small community of users or at least much smaller than the cuneiform and specially used for royal inscriptions!